Arab Muslim Community in Belize respond to Hezbollah accusations

On Monday September first we told you that a Mexican newspaper Por Esto had reported that suspected members of the Hezbollah were apprehended. The news paper reported that on August 28th a Mercedes Benz was searched by police in Cancun. driving the vehicle was Hacsam Elsayed and three other passengers.

As we told you on Monday, the News paper claims they all had Belizean Passports and while they are residing in Belize, the article says they were actually members of a theorist group called “Hezbollah”. The article further stated that authorities are aware that Belize is being used as a base for Hezbollah cells.

These reports have enraged the Arab Muslim community in Belize. On Wednesday Amir Zriba, spokesperson for the Belize Arab Muslim community, told the media that the article is erroneous and said they are going to sue.

According to Amir, the Arab community in Belize are a group of Arab and Muslim business man and reiterated that they have no affiliations with the so called Hezbollah group.

Meanwhile, Amir claims, that several of their member’s visas have been revoked due to these allegations.

We tried to contact the US Embassy on this matter, but they have strict policies in releasing visa information. However, according reports, more 20 visas of their members have been revoked, allegedly because of these allegations.

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