Armed Robbery at Huan Huan Store, Corozal

vlcsnap-2014-04-30-20h46m46s0At about 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 29th, 45 year old Wanbi Wu, a Chinese and naturalized Belizean reported to the Corozal police that while he was in his store, namely Huan Huan Store, located on 5th Avenue, Corozal Town, 2 male persons entered his business establishment.

One of them was of fair skin complexion who had what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun and the other, who brandished a butcher’s knife, 8 inches in length.

Both entered the building wearing masks and the first person cranked the shot gun and pointed it at Wu’s face demanding money.

In fear of his life, he complied and handed over the days earnings, approximately BZ$1,000.  Meanwhile the culprit with the knife held one of the workers with the knife to his throat.

After getting the cash, both men bolted through the door and road off on their bicycles towards the civic center making good their escape.  No one was injured in the incident and police have detained one person while investigations continue.

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