Armed robbery in Independence Village

Shop owners were held up and robbed by people in military camouflage jackets. On Saturday the 20th of February, 35-year-old Jose Angel Avendano, a Salvadoran Construction worker and owner of Kimberly’s shop in Independence Village, was with his wife inside their shop when they heard their dogs barking. Avendano went to the door to see what the dogs were barking at, when he got outside, he saw two male persons dressed in military camouflage jackets with black masks covering their faces. One of the male persons was tall and the other was short. The tall male person was armed with a chrome .38 revolver and pointed it at Avendano demanding money. The short male person was armed with a short machete. The culprits then made off with $175.00 in cash and a pack of  cigarettes. Police are investigating this latest robbery. .”

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