Arrest in Drug Car Chase

Police have also made an arrest in the drug car incident that happened last year. IF you may remember, there was a rather unusual situation that took place at the Northern Border on the 13th of December. An SUV Navigator, being driven by someone hailing from Ranchito Village in Corozal, was approaching the Mexican border when they conducted an X-Ray scan on his vehicle. The scan revealed something rather peculiar in the cab of the vehicle and the authorities stated that they would have to perform another search. When the driver heard this, he sped out of the checkpoint area, and started to head back to Belize. When this happened, the Mexican Authorities quickly started to pursue the vehicle. The SUV crashed and the culprit managed to get away, but in the vehicle, 6 parcels of cocaine were found. Yesterday, police formally arrested and charged 41 year old Robert Gentle for the crime of drug trafficking . Police are still investigating.vlcsnap-2017-12-27-12h40m44s638 vlcsnap-2017-12-27-12h40m40s124

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