Arthur Saldivar on Central Bank Statute

On Friday we told you of Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams’ reaction to his legal colleague Arthur Saldivar’s payment of $2,000 in coins as part of costs for a recent summary judgment against Saldivar for libel of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

We reported that according to Williams, a Central Bank statute prohibits the payment of debts of more than $50 in coins only.  Apparently, that’s not quite the case.  Saldivar issued this stern clarification today.

vlcsnap-2014-06-02-21h56m53s196Arthur Saldivar- Facing Writ of Execution for Libel Costs

“What game is being played? Poor people is what poor people has.  Some people are very, very quick for taking poor people’s money without them seeing, but they don’t want to take it when they give it.  Come on!  Poor people’s money is money; it is legal tender”.


Reporter:  “That is money you got from the bank in change.  I know the story, I know the guy who went to the bank to get the money out of the Belize Bank and it is great, it is great!  But man…”

Arthur Saldivar:  “He is back on the road.  Let me explain something to you, Jules, I don’t know who you have or who you say you have.  I certainly  did not go to any bank on Coney Drive to get any shillings, okay?  And I didn’t send anybody.  If you have such a person, put him on the TV and let them purge themselves for your pleasure…not mine, heh, heh”.

For context we reproduce Section 22, subsection 4 of the Central Bank Act which reads: Legal tender coins shall be accepted throughout Belize in

settlement of any public or private debt or monetary obligation:

(a) up to any amount of twenty five dollars in the case of coins of a denomination not exceeding 50c; 

b) up to an amount of one hundred dollars in the case of coins of a denomination exceeding 50c, but not exceeding $100; and 

(c) for the amount of such face value in the case of coins of a denomination exceeding $100 

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