Arthur Saldivar serious about running in Belmopan

We reported last week that Attorney Arthur Saldivar has decided to run for office in Belmopan under the People’s United Party’s banner. Amidst all the past controversies surrounding his name and his previous attempt to run for office in Belize City, Saldivar told Plus News that his plans have long passed the planning stage, and that he has been on the ground meeting with the people of Belmopan

Attorney Arthur Saldivar

My friend we have passed the planning stage we are at the executory stage now on the ground moving speaking to the people of Belmopan having them to appreciate that a new day is dawning in this constituency; a day where the pension for justice is restored, where we can have, finally, an elevated discourse in how we develop Belmopan. To move from just being an area where the public service provides all employment to an area where we can almost diversify and have more opportunities for the people of Belmopan. So we can reduce the unemployment problem that exists in the city and its satellite communities  . I never put my name out there if I’m not serious about it. I do plan before I take action but we are passed the planning stage now and we are executing.

The PUP standard bearer for Belmopan will face off against UDP’s John Saldivar who has led his party to victory in Belmopan over the past several elections.

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