Arthur Saldivar Video Goes Viral

One lawyer who has been in a lot of hot water as of late is Attorney Arthur Saldivar. Mr Saldivar has recently been suspended by his own party as investigations into alleged wrongdoing get on the way.  Going viral now is a video, showing Arthur Saldivar on camera in another controversy.

Arthur Saldivar, PUP standard  bearer for Belize Rural North will run  against Hon. Edmund Castro, should his suspension from the party be lifted.

A very long press release was issued this evening by the Law office of Marcel Cardona, who claims he was present at the time of the video taken at Robert’s grove in Placencia. Mr Cardona described what led to the conflict and why Mr Saldivar responded in the manner he did, saying that Mr Saldivar and other persons were provoked by one of the shareholders of Roberts Grove, Boris Mansfield, the person who allegedly released the video of Mr Saldivar.

According to Marcel Cardona, there appears to be major frictions between the directors  of Robert’s Grove. According to Mr Cardona, this director accosted another director and her guests, and the director’s legal representatives, Saldivar and Cardona.

Police were called in by Mr Cardona and Mr Saldivar, which apparently did little to quell the situation.

Marcel Cardona says that given the hostile environment, the shareholders meeting was adjourned to Saturday September 6, and they proceeded to leave the premises. It was then that Mr Cardona says that Boris Mansfield began – and we quote- “badgering us, provoking us, and threatening us once again. At this point in time, fearing for my physical safety and those of …..Arthur Saldivar, I pulled out my android cell phone and started recording”.

Arthur Saldivar’s associates promised to send that recording to us but up to news time we did not receive it.

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