Assault charge dropped after witness changes testimony

The accuser of a man remanded on murder and attempted murder charges now says police forced him to make a statement implicating 22 year old Deondray McKoy, in an incident of aggravated assault. Police say that 19 year old Akeem Augustine told them in June of 2012 that Deondray McKoy and Lyson Cacho allegedly pointed a firearm at him. But Akeem Augustine who is also on remand for charges of murder and attempted murder, now says that nothing like that happened. As a result, Deondray McKoy’s charge was dismissed by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer in court on Wednesday for want of prosecution.

Deondray McKoy was charged in the attempted murders of Alexis Ku and Everal Cardinez in separate incidents in 2012 and 2013, and was accused of the attempted murder of Everal Gray.

Akeem Augustine, meanwhile, is charged with the murder of City Council worker Ardon Belgrave in February of 2013, and attempted murders of four teenage minors around the same time.

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