Attempted Murder Case Dismissed, Man Walks Free

The attempted murder case of 30 year old Mason Pattnet was dismissed today in the Supreme Court. Patnet is a free man tonight because the prosecution lacked evidence to prove their case against him. The Victim, 21 year old Marvin Bul went missing in 2014, 2 years after he pressed charges against Patnett and another suspect who is now deceased. The prosecution has not been able to prove whether or not Bul is dead or alive, which has been a major issue in the case.  Back in December 2012, Bul told police that he was at a resident in the Ladyville area when he saw Patnett coming towards him in a vehicle. He then saw the second suspect, Raheem Crawford coming towards him riding a bicycle. Bul told police that Patnett exited the vehicle and handed to Raheem Crawford what appeared to be a 9 mmm pistol. Crawford then fired shots at him hitting him in the right arm. After Bul was released from treatment in the hospital, he was able to identify both Patnett and Crawford. Raheem Crawford never made it to trial as he was gunned down on the streets of Belize during a shooting incident.

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