Attempted Murder in Roaring Creek

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h52m22s12vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h52m03s55The Village of Roaring Creek was also where an attempted murder incident was reported to Police later that Saturday night. Shortly after 10pm, police received information of a stabbing incident within the Village. Police made checks at a home where blood stains were seen on the steps leading into the house. They then visited the Western Regional Hospital where 25yr old Joanna Longsworth was seen with cut wounds to the right side of her face, lower neck, head and her trachea had been slashed. Officer Commanding for the Belmopan Formation ASP Sinquest Martinez told us more.

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h33m37s1Mr. Sinquest Martinez- Commanding Officer

“This incident likewise happened Saturday night in Roaring Creek village, and she had several injuries.   It’s because of a domestic abuse.   She was at home with both children when she was assaulted by this person that she is going out with”. 


Joanna Longworth has not been able to speak due to the injuries received, however she wrote on a piece of paper that she was home sleeping, when she felt pain to the back of her neck and when she got up, Steven Gentle continued inflicting stab wounds to her throat. She heard her two girls screaming out as Steven Gentle said to her, “You wah dead.”

Sinquest Martinez

 To a certain degree, she has told us what transpired at the night at her home.   She have about four or five cut wounds to her face and to her throat, and to the back of her head, and very serious,

Additional information reaching Plus news is that the couple was to get married however Joanna Longsworth made it known to Steven Gentle on Thursday of last week that she didn’t want to continue with the relationship which is believed to have resulted in the stabbing incident. 31yr old Steven Gentle later handed himself in to Belmopan Police on Sunday morning and was charged earlier today for the crime of attempted murder. Joanna Longsworth is currently recuperating at the ICU where she’s been listed as stable. Steven Gentle is to appear before a judge at the Belmopan Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

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