Attempted murder of  Belize City man in his home

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There was another attempt on another Belize City man’s life on Saturday. 50 year old Adolfo McKoy reported that about 11:00 p.m., he opened the house door for one Adajjha Gonguez and went back to his bedroom. He said moments later, he was approached by one Linsford Acosta who had a chrome revolver in his right hand pointed it in his direction. Acosta allegedly said  to McKoy “Dead now #*#%@!”, and pulled the trigger but the gun snapped. When the gun snapped, McKoy pushed Acosta who in return hit him to the right side of his head. Police have formally arrested and charged 32 year old Lindsford Acosta, a Belizean Fisherman, for the crime of “Aggravated Burglary.”

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