Attorney Challenges Markup of Client’s Property

vlcsnap-2014-05-27-19h10m50s89Earlier this week, we reported that court marshals and representatives of Barrow and Company Law Firm visited Trevor Vernon’s home and marked up his appliances. Denys Barrow led the defense of Belize Rural North area representative Edmond Castro suit by Trevor Vernon in which he won a strike-out on May 19.

Vernon complained that  court marshal’s and representatives of Barrow’s Law firm, visited Vernon’s house seeking payment of the remainder of the $5,000 in court costs ordered by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin at the close of the case, and proceeded to mark-up various assets which Vernon says belong to the estate of the late Telford Vernon for sale.

The mark up of the assets was done, in case Vernon cannot come up with the remaining costs and attached costs for the writ of execution won by Barrow, a total of $2,710.50.

Vernon has paid $2,489.50 – the value of the two knapsacks of “shillings” brought to Barrow’s Coney Drive office on Tuesday. But Arthur Saldivar, a Castro opponent who assisted Philip Palacio in presenting the case, says it was mean of the Senior Counsel to seek to humiliate a humble man.  Here is his assessment of what transpired.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-20h05m04s82Arthur Saldivar- Attorney for the Coye Family

“It is an indicative of bad faith, it is being spirited, it is anti democratic; it certainly does not pay that spurious funds in the coffers of the BAA that has still risen today.  So, in relation to Trevor Vernon, that was a total abuse of a citizen’s right.  So, what is that telling us right now is that any citizen who sees and appreciates wrongdoing by government officials, would basically be outside of the protection of the constitution if they brought a case court.  That cannot be the message that we send in a democratic society in Belize today. So, I condemn what happened to Trevor Vernon”.

Saldivar himself is in hot water, owing more than $69,000 in a libel suit in which summary judgment was issued in favour of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who accused Saldivar of calling him “corrupt” during one of his many calls to the morning radio talk shows in 2011.

Saldivar wants to appeal the judgment, but the Prime Minister’s attorney and law partner, Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams, says the 21-day limit has passed and so all his colleague can do is try to reduce the debt. This week, Williams says he refused payment of $2,000 in coins which Saldivar raised from Belize Rural North supporters as part payment of his costs for the case, which amount to $9,500.

Williams says that is not the full amount owed and there is an obscure Central Bank statute that forbids the payment of any debt of more than $50 in coins only. Saldivar himself now faces a writ of execution to be prepared by Williams in pursuit of the judgment and costs.

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