Auditor General’s Report on Southern Regional Hospital Administrator Leaked to the Press

vlcsnap-2014-05-07-19h59m32s191vlcsnap-2014-05-05-20h54m42s146In our newscast yesterday, PlusNews informed that Administrator at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga,  Ms. Nasley Sommerville, will soon be appearing before the Public Service Commission.

She is currently on suspension and must answer to hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from the Maternal and Child Health Bank account from the Southern Regional Hospital.

Today, we have a Sneak peak at the report submitted by the Auditor general in relation to suspected embezzlement of what we can now announce as $366,468.88.

The money was allegedly drawn from Maternal and Child Health Account through various schemes to cash 189 checks missing at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga and suspected as forged.

The investigation surrounds documents made from January of 20 10  to September of  2013 when the complain was officially made to the Auditor General’s office. The bank provided 181 checks drawn on the account for which no records exist at the hospital, and no one in authority knew of them either. The missing series were received and signed for by Sommerville.

The investigative report claims that, of the 181 checks, over 70 of these checks were written out to different individuals and then deposited to Somerville account.

The checks were signed, purportedly by her, and by one Barbara Nicholas. Nicholas, for her part, has claimed that her signature was forged.

There appears to also be evidence that when those checks were cashed, Somerville herself was at the bank, providing her social security number, or cell number as contact. There is also evidence that an unamed doctor received a loan of 11,000.00 dollars via FIVE of the checks.  He claimed that Sommerville told him to deposit repayments into her personal account.

The report also indicates that Sommerville also made several purchases from the account and disguised the payments to appear as if they were made from her personal accounts.

Some of the checks were payment for purchases such as cartoon character school supplies, household items and even several watches.  As we are still analyzing the report.  We will have much more on it in the days to come.vlcsnap-2014-05-08-21h59m13s171


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