Australian salesman charged for drug trafficking on Caye Caulker

An Australian man on Caye Caulker was arrested for drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. Police say that on Monday night, they were conducting patrol on Avenida Mangle, Caye Caulker Village, when they searched 22 year old Nichols Stanley Whitfield, an Australian Salesman. On Whitfield, police found a bag of weed. Whitfield only had half a gram too much according to police. He had 10 .5 grams of weed and the amount that a person can carry without legal consequences is ten grams. However, even if cops would have given Whitfield a break for the 10.5 grams of cannabis, they could not do so over the 1 gram of cocaine that was found in his other pocket.  Whitfield was arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking and Possession of Controlled Drugs.

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