Authorities investigating possible homicide in Sandhill

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of a Sandhill resident. The deceased 29 year old Emir Bailey was found Monday night, hanging by his neck with what appeared to be an electrical cable. The cable was tied to a wooden beam inside the bedroom of the house and a cement block was seen near his feet. Initial word from Police is that they are treating the report as a homicide.

Meanwhile, another man is fighting for his life after he we was hit in the head during a brawl. The incident took place on Saturday night in Teakettle Village, where locals were reportedly involved in a machete fight. At the end of the brawl, Calvin Vasquez laid unconscious off a feeder road in the village. But according to reports we received, Vasquez was injured by a blow to the head with a bat and not a machete. Police are now looking for the man who was reportedly in the confrontation with Vasquez, along with another known person of interest. Vasquez, in the meantime, is undergoing treatment at the KHMH.

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