Baby airlifted to U.S.A. for special surgery

Bryan Williams Jr is only 22 days old, but already he is facing life threatening challenges. He was born with a condition called oesophageal atresia – basically, the oesophagus, or the tube which carries food to the stomach for digestion, is malformed. World Paediatric Project and the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital collaborated to secure a private jet and specialist doctors to accompany the baby to Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. where special surgery will be performed. WPP representative in Belize Milagro Garel speaks of what will happen next:

Milagro Garel – WPP representative in Belize:
vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h35m48s19It’s one of our partner hospitals in Richmond, and they came aboard because of World Pediatric Project.  We have many hospitals in Richmond that are partners with us and it’s one of our many partners. We must say thanks to the Karl Heusner and all the hospitals in the country that refer them. They already kmow the services that we provide.  We have a great relationship with all the pediatricians, and then they refer the case to us immediately right after the baby was born.

Pediatrician Dr. Cecilio Eck speaks about the condition of baby Bryan:

Dr. Cecilio Eck – Pediatrician:
vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h37m47s190Baby Bryan was born 22 days ago, and while in the nursery being fed, the baby started to vomit. So the resident we had on, Dr Boyle recognised the problem.  He admitted the child on our ward, and we realised that the baby did not have an osophagus, the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. We stabilized the baby.  We get a child with this abnormality maybe once a year,and then we arrange with the surgeons abroad to accept the baby.  Between then and now, the baby has had several setbacks, where the baby would choke when some of the saliva went in the lung, and the baby needed to go on the ventilator for a few days.  We’re at the point now where with the help of World Pediatric Projects, and our partners in the States in Richmond, Virginia, they’ve agreed to accept this baby for specialized surgery abroad.  It’s a miracle for this kid.

vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h38m52s52Bryan’s father, Bryan Williams Sr. says that this is plainly a miracle; and his mother, Loidy Ku, is also ecstatic:

Bryan Williams Sr – Father:
I recieved some positive news.  Well I just thanks to the pedriatric people from abroad that they could assist us, again through the help of the good Lord. He inspired them, so that they could accept our child.  Thank God for that.  I just cross me fingers and wait.

Loidy Ku – Mother:
vlcsnap-2013-02-20-19h40m44s144He’s getting help from the Grace of God.  I feel very good about it, very glad with God, thankful.

According to Dr. Eck, baby Bryan is a lucky boy:

Dr. Cecilio Eck – Pediatrician:
For me and you, it’s priceless.  We can’t afford it in Belize.  These guys are sending them on a private jet, with a team.  To transport the baby from here to Richmond, the cost of an air-ambulance alone is about 25 thousand US [dollars].  The surgery itself, getting the baby perpared for surgery, and then the surgery and the follow-up here, would take at least a month in hospital. You do the Math at maybe a thousand US [dollars] a day.  Crazy money.

The series of surgery is expected to last about two to three months.

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