Baby losing toes; mother claims hospital negligence

Helen Conners’ child has a heart problem and the medical complications that come along with that.  Late last month, the little girl had a bout with pneumonia and was admitted to the Punta Gorda Hospital . She was then transferred to Dangriga where she spent a weekend but  was further transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after Dangriga medical personnel had trouble finding a vein on the child’s feet. It was at the KHMH, says Conners, that something went wrong. The mother is very upset that the child’s toes will now have to be amputated; something she believes was avoidable with more care and attention.. She also told our colleagues t PGTV that  it is unfair that she will also have to pay for the surgery even though she believes it was caused by negligence.  We were unable to get a response from the KHMH today regarding Conners” allegations.vlcsnap-2016-02-17-11h23m16s905vlcsnap-2016-02-17-11h23m13s848

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