Backlash Over Firing of Professor Bain from UWI

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vlcsnap-2014-05-21-18h39m35s68Social media is still all abuzz about the firing of Jamaican Professor Brendan as the head of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Initiative.

UNIBAM and 32 other homosexual advocacy groups demanded Bain’s termination from that post because of his expert testimony in the Caleb Orozco vs Government of Belize case over Section 53 of Belize’s criminal code.

That professional testimony, did not line up with the UNIBAM agenda and so his head was called for.

UWI complied but they are now dealing with the backlash and outrage at such an apparent act of discrimination and intimidation to freedom of professional and personal expression. In fact, the University has been characterised as a spineless organisation that has sold out for 30 pieces of silver.

According to Jamaican Newspaper, the Gleaner, a group of prominent Jamaicans assembled at the gate of the educational institution to protest the removal of Professor Bain.

Those protesters, who represented a range of organizations, stood with tapes across their mouths to signal muzzling.

vlcsnap-2014-05-19-20h32m35s35When they removed the tape to speak to the media, they described Bain’s firing as a miscarriage of justice.

They also said that Christian principles were under siege. Meanwhile, the Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ) has expressed disappointment over the termination of Professor Brendan Bain as well. Dr Shane Alexis, president of the MAJ, said, “

The MAJ is disappointed that one of the pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS is no longer leading CHART.

“We want to encourage everyone, all stakeholders, to focus on HIV/AIDS and not against each other,” The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica says it views with alarm reports regarding the termination of the contract of Professor Brendan Bain.

vlcsnap-2014-05-19-20h32m25s189The association says it is “concerned that the University of the West Indies has used the fact that Professor Bain expressed views which certain groups do not agree with as the basis for his termination.”  

In Belize, protest was also evident on facebook. One of the comments we came across says,“just for voicing an opinion based on facts and his life is churned mein in what world are we living? so basically it shows that these groups of advocacy are willing to trash your life if you say something they hate to hear about the real truth”.

Another said, “this is discrimination in its ultimate form!”  Someone else wrote, “When they (homosexuals) state their opinion, its free speech, but when a Christian states his opinion, its hate and intolerance and they lose their jobs…that’s how it works now.”

Another said, “Sorry UNIBAM, you had my support until now. You have become the very beast you have been fighting. I do not support hypocrisy.”

Hundreds of negative comments against UWI’s decision are all over Facebook, but yet Caleb Orozco, via an interview with Nationwide FM in Jamaica last night said that anyone in a substantial position cannot have another point of view apart from advocating for homosexuality.

Reporter:  “ Alright, Caleb.  You have heard that professor Bain has been removed from his positionas the head of CHART.  What is your reaction to that?”

vlcsnap-2014-05-21-18h30m21s70vlcsnap-2014-05-21-18h10m58s195Caleb Orozco:  “Well, finally a rational institution put some responsibility in appreciating of a person with a substantial leadership to question, to not have that position and not be expected to be held to higher standard.  That, to me turned to fundamental message that rights are important when you cancel disgusting marching live groups on the work of HIV”.

While Orozco and UNIBAM are celebrating Bain’s dismissal, Bain’s work stands on its own. He had been the director of CHART since its inception and after his retirement from UWI in 2013, he was given a two-year post-retirement contract to continue in his role as director.  He was honored twice by the Jamaican National Aids Committee.

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