BAHA says all horse in Belize need to be vaccinated against VEE

BAHA is calling for horse owners to vaccinate their horses against a debilitating and sometimes fatal virus circulating in the country. The release issued by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority strongly recommends persons who have horses, especially in the northern and western regions of the country, to vaccinate their horses against Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis, as outbreaks of the virus have been discovered in the Corozal and Cayo Districts. VEE is transmitted by mosquitoes and can also be contracted by humans. To reduce contact with the virus, measures such as the use of repellents and fans are also advised. The use of protective clothing – long pants and long-sleeved shirts are also recommended to reduce the risk of infection in humans. BAHA assures the public that there have been no reported cases in Belize of persons contracting the virus. BAHA has made available vaccination stations, for horses, in Little Belize, the Bullet Tree Area and BAHA offices. Persons who do contract the virus display flu like symptoms.

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