Bahamas Says NO To Constitutional Amendments in Referendum

In related news, The Bahamas strongly voted “NO” to four Amendment Bills to their Constitution by Referendum this week.  The results from the Referendum were made public on June 7, 2016, and the move is considered a victory for Family Values and protections for the Natural Family. The four defeated Amendments were marketed as “gender equality” issues, but one was believed to be setting the stage for same sex marriage. Suspicions abounded in The Bahamas after the Bahamian government rejected “Recommendation 25” by The Bahamas Constitutional Commission, which called for clear definition that same sex marriage will NOT be allowed in the Bahamas.  According to the National Evangelical Association of Belize, “Of significance to ALL Caribbean nations is that the bi-partisan Amendment Bills had already passed the Bahamian House and Senate in an effort beginning in 2014, but needed ratification by Referendum of the people in order for them to be enacted into law. The people of Bahamas spoke – democracy at its best!!  Church leaders across Bahamas united together in an effort to educate the citizens, who decided to defend “Traditional Family Values” and “Protections of the Natural Family””

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