Band Fest Winners; Belmopan Included

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h39m17s108Band Fest 2014 was played out at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town on Saturday April 12th under the patronage of the Governor General Sir Colville Young.

The annual event brought together different bands from all around the country to compete in different categories and also featured local and foreign show bands that played for entertainment.  In the marching band with wind instrument category the Benque Viejo Marching Band took home the $6,000 first prize.

The Corozal Community College, the winners of bandfest 2013 and the all time favourites, were the $2,500 second prize winners in this category while the Santa Elena San Ignacio were the $1,500 third prize winners.

In the Drum Line Competition, the St. Luke Purple Spirit Marching band won first prize. In the Drum Core Competition, the Belmopan Active Youth group took home the $4,000 first place prize and the first place trophy. They were on this morning’s rise and Shine Show to talk about their victory.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h41m08s210Louis Pascasio- Assistant Director of BAY Marching Band

“We practiced in Orange Walk until about 10:30 going to 12. So, 11:30, the girls and the guys went to the hotel to sleep ( to take about four hours rest).  Me and my director drive to Corozal, we sat up the night until 4:30 a.m. writing up the show, finishing up the show, I slept about an hour and a half; I got up 5:30, bathe and get back pahn dih street”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h43m16s98Lincoln Lopez – Drum Major-of BAY Marching Band

“Pahn dis side is for the best choreograph.  We have to give a latta credit to Ms. Vilma Ogarte.  She push wih to the limit, had us with at least faamayshan marching, you nuoa?  We sometimes, we staat marching the faamayshan an she seh, no, no, no!  Staat go bac.  We haf fu staat ova playing the times until we cudah mih at leez porfek it to Band Fes.  So, these is the choreograph”.

Louis Pascasio:  “This is the big trophy, the 1st place for the John Crow Section.  This is the one that Holy Redeemer wanted, everybody wants this, but wih hav it ya”.

Judging the event were Lucio Enriquez, bandleader and music teacher; Fred Bryant; and Dr. Jeff Bright, a PhD music professor of Oklahoma, USA.

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