Bandits will Represent Belize in the 2014 Champion League

vlcsnap-2014-06-26-18h57m08s200vlcsnap-2014-06-26-20h51m04s213The Belmopan Bandits, after becoming the National Champions of Belize, have been awarded an opportunity to participate in the upcoming Champions League.

However with no official club field, the Bandits relied on the FFB football stadium to meet requirements to participate in the tournament. However, up to the time of inspection, the field was still not up to CONCACAF standards.

While the federation had hired a contractor to refurbish the field by the date of inspection, which was June 19th and 20th, it seemed as if it wouldn’t have been ready at time. Today however, we received word from the Federation that the field has been approved and the Bandits will represent Belize in the 2014 Champion league.

vlcsnap-2014-06-26-18h54m33s159Ruperto Vicente -President of the Football Federation of Belize

“Bandits have received the green light.  But we still have the pitch to get ready by the 2 July as confirmed to their participation.  So, yes they are in, and all we need to do now is to prepare the pitch for them.  We make the deadline, but they just have to give us an extension to complete the pitch itself”.

Reporter:  “What does that mean?”

Ruperto Vicente:  “The completion of the pitch is setting up the goals, finishing the grass and cutting it”.

The Belmopan Bandits have been matched up with Metapan, the National Champions for El Salvador, and Leon, the National Champions of Mexico.

In terms of the FIFA founded projects for refurbishment of the stadium, Ruperto said the federation is making major strides.

Ruperto Vicente:  “FIFA has its congress every year.  For every federation, the 209 Federations of the world, FIFA sponsors three delegates.  So, FIFA pays three delegates from Belize.  Myself as the president, the General secretary and one other member of the executive has to be there.  FIFA pays the airfare, the hotel, and all other expenses for the three other delegates”.

The champions League begins in August.

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