Bar Association Has Interest in Firearms Law

 A topic not up for discussion at today’s law conference was the Firearms (Amendment) Act of 2008, which has come under scrutiny for its lax application to certain sectors of society.  Today Bar Association Secretary Aldo Reyes says that the Association has used its privilege as among the first to see new legislation to contribute to the shaping of that Act.

vlcsnap-2014-01-24-23h22m26s234Mr. Aldo Reyes- Secretary of the Bar Association of Belize

“Well, there is no topic on that specifically, but I must tell you that the bar does participate and does give a lot of feedback on these type of laws.   You might not know it; you might not come out in the media, but the bar does participate.  A lot of these times when these laws are being passed, a copy of the Bill could be sent to the executive of the Bar and we would go through it; we would disseminate it to  our members to get feedback.  So, we do have inputs most of the times.  it is just that we might not go and give our feedback in the newspaper or go on the media, but the Bar is very active in the shaping of these laws as best as it could”.

But Attorney Reyes also notes that despite their contributions, it is the Legislature who has the final say.

Attorney Reyes:  “I believe that there was some feedback in the shaping of this body of legislation”.

i hReporter:  “Whether it was adhered, it was a different matter”.

Attorney Reyes:  “Exactly.  We can only give our feedback and consult, but we cannot dictate the law because that is left to the legislature”.

No prominent member of the Executive or Legislature, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has commented on the furor surrounding the law.

Activist groups have asked for an audience with the P.M. to discuss their suggestions, and have approached several attorneys who are members of the Bar for comment.

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