Bar Association still considering its ICJ position and strategy

As the date for the October 6 ICJ referendum draws closer, explanations about its importance and relevance become bigger in the minds of the public. One organization prepared to help is the Bar Association. President Eamon Courtenay said today that the Bar is preparing to open its discussions.

Eamon Courtenay – Bar Association President:
vlcsnap-2013-03-19-20h47m06s63On the question of the ICJ, the Bar executive, since we were elected less than a month ago, has considered the issue. What we have done is, we have asked the member to prepare a paper on possible options that the Bar can take.  How can the Bar contribute.  The member has provided that paper to me, which I an going to circulate to the Members of the Executive, and then at our next General Meeting we’re going to take a decision on what the Bar should do.

Courtenay said he did not know how members felt about taking a hard formal position either way on going but they can help by providing legal explanations on Belize’s case by way of presentations to schools and other organizations and bringing in experts to discuss the case. Courtenay himself has criticized Attorney General Wilfired Elrington for statements on Belize’s maritime boundaries in relation to the dispute. However, he limited himself to the facts when PLUS News questioned him for his reaction to this weekend’s meeting between the two countries in Washington, where the President and Foreign Minister of Guatemala failed to appear at a meeting they requested.

Eamon Courtenay – Bar Association President:
All I would say on that is, as I can understand from the media, the Foreign Minister of Guatemala is supposed to have had a personal emergency, and so couldn’t make it.  if that is true then that’s why he didn’t go.  The question is “Is that True?”

Guatemala has made an official proposal for a change in the referendum date. That proposal is now being taken to Cabinet to make a decision.

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