Bar fight suspects being sought

A fight between three men in front of Palacio’s Bar located in San Roman village, Corozal, on Saturday October 11th., has landed one man in the hospital and left two others on the run.

Police investigations revealed that around 7:30 pm, 48 year old Juan Carlos Ramirez, a Belizean Cane Farmer of San Roman village, was socializing in front of the bar, where he had a misunderstanding with Ezekiel Pech also known as “Robot”.  A struggle ensued between both men where Ramirez was overpowered by Ezekiel. Rony Pech then reportedly hit Ramirez on the head with an object believed to be steel knuckles.  Carlos Ramirez was treated at the Corozal Community Hospital and was released on Tuesday.

Police are looking for Ezekiel and Rony Pech.

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