Barbecue gathering turns deadly with stabbing incident

A Barbeque afternoon on Saturday January 31st turned deadly, as a result of a squabble that quickly escalated into a near fatal stabbing.

According to reports, 23 year old Amir Tun, a Belizean Construction Worker, who has been living in Maya Mopan for over 9 months, was having an afternoon barbeque at his cousin’s house, located in another area in Maya Mopan.  Mr Tun was grilling the chickens at the time when a guy, known to them as Licho, showed up with a couple of other friends.

According to reports, some of the men who were drinking started to make mocking remarks towards Amir Tun, which resulted in verbal argument that quickly developed into a fist fight between Tun and the three newcomers.

Amir Tun gave us his account of what transpired.


vlcsnap-2015-02-03-05h02m58s220Amir Tun – Victim of Stabbing

[Paraphrased]  “When I saw these guys, one of them approached me, and he attacked me.  I lifted up the grill and I dash it on him, but I never touched the man. 

When I saw the man come, he start to hit me first, so I started to defend myself.  There were three of them.  I  can’t handle the three of them at the same time.  So when I was fighting with one, the next one was arguing also.  I struggled with one of them on the ground, and I managed to get over him. 

Then I felt something cramp me on my side.  When I looked, I saw a lot of blood.  I told the boy, ‘Boy, do you see what you’ve done?  You’ve hurt me. You’ve messed me up.’


The one that inflicted the stab wound, known to them as Licho, absconded while Amir Tun was rushed to the hospital in a critical state. Due to the loss of blood, he went unconscious before leaving his cousin’s house.


vlcsnap-2015-02-03-05h07m42s1vlcsnap-2015-02-03-05h08m54s216Amir Tun

[Paraphrased]  “When I came back to my senses, I was already in hospital.

They had to operate on me for four to five hours. I had a big operation on my arm, 33/34 stitches.  I had another on the other side,  where there was a stab wound.  It was 8 inches.  The doctor said it touched the guts, so they had to operate on me, to sew the wound.  When I reached the hospital I didn’t know then, but they told me it was already outside, so they had to put it back in.

The man told me I was a lucky man, because God gave me another opportunity to live.”


They operated him on Saturday night, and while Mr Tun still complains of pain in his stomach area, doctors say Amir Tun is on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile Belmopan police are still looking for the individual known as Licho. Police investigations continue.

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