Barge sinks with tons of sugar

vlcsnap-2014-08-22-06h36m59s254A barge transporting raw sugar from the Tower Hill factory in Orange Walk to the Belize City Port sank On Wednesday, losing its entire cargo. For sugar to reach the Port of Belize in Belize City where it is shipped to Europe,  it must first travel north to Corozal via a series of natural and manmade canals. Exiting to the Caribbean sea just below Corozal Town, the barge turns east in the Corozal Bay, and then travels all the way back south until it reaches Belize City.

vlcsnap-2014-08-22-06h36m23s146This past Sunday night at around 7pm, the barge began experiencing problems somewhere between Wari Beight and Sarteneja. The barge referred to as the “sugar boat”, apparently sprung a leak and began to sink.  The barge contained about 120 to 125 tons of sugar onboard, and the entire cargo was lost to the sea.  The barge is the only one of its kind, and was pulled back to shore at Hour Beight. The factory intends to bring the barge to dry dock for inspection.

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