The Belize Civic Center came alive of Saturday night for the N.E.B.L Basketball Finals. Hundreds of fans entered the Civic Center in hopes of seeing their favorite team win the title matchup. However, one basketball fan is lucky to be alive tonight after an altercation outside the Civic Center which led to him being stabbed twice. Here is what Police had to tell us on the incident.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigation Branch: Tyrique Garbutt, a twenty-year-old, reported that whilst at Civic, he got in an altercation with an individual and that individual is unknown to him.  That individual inflicted two stab wounds to him, one to his upper right arm and one to the left side of his chest.  He is listed in a stable condition and he is scheduled to undergo surgery shortly

Police has not been able to make an arrest.

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