Basketball star Ronald Rivers in critical condition after being shot

vlcsnap-2013-03-12-19h45m55s46Ronald Rivers, a basketball star and Belize City native was targeted last week in the area of Vernon Street and shot in the head. He now is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Brother Raymond Rivers gave PLUS News an update.



Raymond Rivers – Brother of Ronald Rivers:
vlcsnap-2013-03-12-21h14m10s246Right now, out of a hundred percent, I would say he is at like 15%. He is critical. He just took a surgery on his brain, because he wasn’t getting any oxygen to his brain due to the swelling on his neck. So right now he is critical condition. He is on life-support. He is in a coma. Right now, the doctors are waiting to see if swelling on the brain will go down, because it was a severe stroke that he caught in his brain. So that is where we are right now with Ronald. It’s really sad.

Raymond Rivers says his brother has been subject to multiple surgeries but shows little sign of improvement.
Raymond Rivers – Brother of Ronald Rivers:
Because the face was so swollen, he couldn’t breathe. So he had to breathe through some triacias. So that’s the reason why they did that surgery. But now, like two days ago, the doctor saw him getting worst and they took a cat scan of his brain and they saw where his brain was swelling and put pressure on his skull. So what they did, they took off this half of the skull, so that the brain could release. The doctor said that in this case, this is really severe. He barely sees cases like this. Most people don’t come out of it and if they do come out, they are a vegetable, or you don’t recognize people and you are an entirely different person. So this is where we are at with Ronald, but it looks very bad.

Ronald who we know. And that reality has the family upset, but they are determined to see that he gets well. Rivers told us of a plan the family has to raise funds for treatment.

Raymond Rivers – Brother of Ronald Rivers:
I just don’t even want to think about that day. It is so sad to see a strong man who is now down. It is just hard to make that decision to take my brother off life support, if it has to come to that. I don’t know how we will do it. My mom is here from America and she has brought more support. But like what I said, all we can do is pray and hope that God does the rest. It is hard to lose my brother, because that man is a man who helps more than he disrespects anyone. Everyone knows that man, but it is hard to give up on him. So we will go to the fullest. We will ask for donations; we are having a barbeque Friday – on Antelope Street, we changed it from Saturday. If you want a ticket, you can contact Kyle Rivers at 633-2973 or me at 650-2623 and please give your support the best way you can, because even if he comes out, we will have to spend thousands of dollars to bring him back to at least half of what Ronald was, or quarter of what Ronald was. It is really hard for the family right now.

One man has been charged for possessing firearms and ammunition linked to the incident but not for the incident itself.

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