Battle for Custody of Baby Nina

Social Media can be a viscous place where all sorts of personal attacks and private matters are publicly spewed. One social worker and her family had an ugly experience with just how vile it can become on Facebook. This is after the social worker was accused of kidnapping a 2 year old from Orange Walk  on behalf of the Department of Human Services and found herself being threatened and vilified. The accuser was the mother of the childBelizean Ana Liz Perez Guitterrez, who said that the social worker went to her home on Friday evening and took the child  without showing any proper documentation or identification or offering any information as to where the child would be taken. The mother said that though there was a custody battle in Guatemala with the Guatemalan father of the child, she won custody vlcsnap-2015-11-18-11h00m00s726and sought legal advice to return to her home country Belize with the child. However, Guatemalan authorities notified Belizean counterparts that the child was taken from Guatemala illegally and that is when the Department of  Human services stepped in and took custody under a provision called emergency care in the families and children act.  Under such a provision,  the Department had to go to court within 48 hours to get an order confirming the legality of the emergency protective care and so that was done yesterday where the court granted Human Services interim custody of the child; which also essentially vindicated the actions of the social workerThe mother of the child also said she was consoled that her child is still in Belize and was not sent to Guatemala as she had feared. She told the media that she is willing to now go through whatever process is necessary to get the matter resolved.  The child is now in the care of the Human Services Department for the next two months while custody hearings will be held in Belize.

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