Two well-known Port Loyola Representatives are going head to head in a battle of Words and …. In an interview with Channel 5 last night, long time PUP area rep Anthony Boots Martinez out rightly said that the P.U.P made a terrible mistake by endorsing Gilroy Usher for Port Loyola. Martinez continued by accusing Usher of having a terrible distaste especially for women, and for that reason Boots said, he cannot see himself or any Port Loyola residents supporting Usher. Well, today People’s United Party responded to Martinez’s personal attacks on Usher in a press release. The release stated, Quote “ In relation to statements made by Boots Martinez on Channel 5 News Monday night, it is noteworthy that a drowning man will grab at a straw… Boots Martinez has lost the support of the people of Port due to his and the UDP’s neglect of the division. Instead of focusing on Mr. Usher’s candidacy, we advise Boots Martinez to reflect on why he lost the support of the people” end quote. Usher lost to Martinez by 73 votes in 2015.

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