Battlefield Park refurbishment begins Monday

Battlefield PaekPerhaps it is a sign of how hard the Belize City Council has worked in its first year in office that on Thursday night, holding its first public meeting of 2013 at the YWCA meeting hall on St. Thomas Street, very few City residents attended and even fewer questions were asked. The Council continues to progress with its various projects including the ambitious municipal bond-backed infrastructure project which has concreted 65 streets to date at a cost of approximately $10 million. Additional projects underway include renovation of the BTL Park and Coney Drive, while negotiations with the Ministry of Works are ongoing for the Northern Highway. Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley publicly unveiled two new projects during the meeting: the refurbishment of Battlefield Park, and a Yabra Community Redevelopment Project in conjunction with RESTORE Belize and United Nations donor agencies. First here are the details on the Battlefield restoration.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City: 
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-19h12m50s208We are moving ahead with the refurbishment of Battlefield Park.  We recently signed a contract with International Environments, these are the people who are doing the STP project, for them to totally renovate Battlefield Park. We have received a rendering, and that’s on page three of the document that I have circulated.  We’re already working with vendors in Battlefield Park so that they will relocate temporarily. As soon as they relocate, they’ve been asked to move out of the Park by Friday, we have set up temporary arrangements for them. On Monday work should commence on that Park. Those works should take about four months, and the park should be a major renovation in the heart of downtown Belize City.

In relation to the Yabra project, the Mayor says the idea came after Government designated areas of Yabra and Lake Independence “crime-ridden areas.” He intends to turn that around with an immediate infusion of resources as he explains.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City: 
What we need to do on the part of the Municipality is to put some positive spin in these areas. We have tiered, piggy backed, on to some of these same areas that have been identified as “Crime Ridden Areas” to see how the city bring upliftment in the area of infrastructure, house painting, beautification and construction of parks. What we’ve done is that we’ve identified two areas, both of these areas are in the Southside of Belize City, and the first area that we will move on is the Yarborough area.  We have, for example, the stretch of Fabers Road, from Caesar Ridge Road to central American Boulevard, which is in this area.  We are commencing those works as we speak. We also doing street work on Nurse Finley Crescent, and Dale Street.  So we identify infrastructures in those areas.

According to the Mayor, funding from the program will come from different sources including the Municipal Bond funds. RESTORE Belize is engaged in mapping out the community and the Council intends to meet with residents to get their support. Also included is an economic development strategy centered on Mahogany Street in Lake Independence and the Brighton Beach/Old College area on Caesar Ridge Road which wil become the hub of community development. Work in these areas is slated to commence next week.

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