BAY Does Volunteer work with Navy Meds

Members of the Belmopan Active Youths also known as BAY will be travelling to the medical sights in Hattieville and Independence over the next 6 days, not to receive services from the navy medics, but to give services. The first group of youths left Belmopan around 11 this morning and travelled to Hattieville where they are to do volunteer work with the navy team. Anna Banner Guy, the Director of BAY, told us more.

Anna Banner Guy  – Director, BAYvlcsnap-2015-04-13-09h34m18s251

“The Belmopan active Youths is honored to have been one of the groups  chosen to work along the USS Comfort, which is a medical ship in our harbors of Belize, and working from Hattieville and Independence Villages in the next six or so days. BAY, our youths will be along working with the team; supporting them in their purpose, which is to carry out medical services to our Belizeans.”

Emmanuel Pech – Plus TV Journalist

“How many youths are participating in this program and how how do you see this volunteer work benefiting them in the long run?”

Anna Banner Guy

“We have about thirty- six  young people all together, participating over the next six or so days. Over the next few days, starting with today, we are working from Hattieville. Twelve young people will be there. We feel that this is a good initiative for us to join along with them in partnership, supporting them while they’re here.   

30 members from Belmopan Active Youth will be helping the navy team in their humanitarian effort over the next few days.vlcsnap-2015-04-13-09h35m01s187

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