BCA election in San Ignacio disputed

The protest committee of the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association which is heading the interim committee supervising the Belize Cycling Association is scheduled to hear a protest from a candidate in Sunday’s disputed election in San Ignacio. Cycling enthusiast Daniel Cano, who ran for vice-president under Gilroy Spence’s slate against incumbent National President Emil Moreno, told PLUS News today that his opponents overran an agreement made a month ago to limit the amount of persons participating in the election:
Daniel Cano:
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-20h28m29s163The dispute that has arisen from that is as a result of a large number of new members being registered the morning of the elections, which directly contravenes what was agreed at a special meeting of the Cycling Association on March 2nd.  That agreement basically was that only persons registered by March 11th would be allowed to vote in the elections.  That meeting was opened to all members, Mr Emil Moreno former President was there, the media was there.  So it was well publicized, well understood, and it turns out that in spite of all of that the morning before elections that was totally disregarded, new people were registered, and really that had a significant impact on the outcome of the elections

Moreno’s full slate of seven was elected, but a total of 87 persons voted, many of whom are alleged not to have any ties to cycling. Only 30 persons had registered to vote by the cut-off date. The election moderators claimed they did not want to exclude anyone and had not heard of any cut-off date for registration of members which was March 11.

Daniel Cano:
I have personally filed a protest with the National Olympic Committee on these members that should not have voted.  That protest, the Olympic Committee has informed me, will be heard.  The whole matter is under review at present.  I’m asking that the elections be redone.
At this point there hasn’t been any postponement of the National Elections.  There also isn’t a firm time-frame for when the protest will be heard.  I’m hopeful it will be soon.  The Protest Committee has been informed, as I understand, so it’s just a matter on convening the Protest Committee and all the parties to hear the argument.

We are told that similar allegations have been made about the elections in the South Zone but these are not being contested. Elections will be held this week in the Central and North Zones with the national election due next week Wednesday, April 17 in Belize City. No information has been presented on whether Moreno or anyone else will run for national president at that election.

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