BCCI Expo 2013 is a success





BCCI Expo 2013 is a success. Despite concerns by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding competition with other events on the day including Carnival, Belizeans came out in numbers to this year’s Expo fair in Belize City. Saturday’s estimated figures were 7,000, a drop of just 20% from last year, but the shortfall was made up for on Sunday, when over 12,000 attended, bringing the total estimated figure to 19,000 over both days, an improvement on last year. BCCI President Kim Aikman told PLUS News that this year they tried to give more opportunities to small businesses to participate.

Kim Aikman – BCCI President:

vlcsnap-2013-09-17-12h20m43s159The response has been fantastic.  We had far more booths and more interest this year that we did last year.  This year we have a number of small businesses.  We’ve tried to give them the opportunity, because you have the big established businesses who are here, but you also have a lot of small businesses.  Also we have the cooperatives who are here.  We have the YWCA.  We have US Embassy.  We try to give the opportunity to small businesses.  We have Motor Solutions there, the only tire company that came out with us this year.


Several of those small businesses could be found in the “Green Corner,” a new section of the Expo founded by the Department of the Environment.

The Green Corner will be an establishment at the Expo as well as the Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan.

Meanwhile the proprietor of a new board game wants to give a new meaning to the phrase, “Be a tourist in your own country.” Thyrell Hyde, creator of “The Tourist:Belize” game, was there demonstrating the playing format.

The game costs $50 and is available at local outlets. The Expo took place at the ITVET Compound in Belize City. Top booths will be awarded prizes at a later date.

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