BCWU Wins Pay Increase for BTL Workers

BTL logoSticking with BTL, it has been involved in negotiations with the Belize Communications Workers’ Union (BCWU) over the latest collective bargaining agreement for workers.

Those have come to an end and while they did not get 5% pay increase as asked for, they came close, with 4% salary increase given annually retroactive from October of last year. The workers are also getting a 1% increase in staff and management pension contributions, $25 more in phone benefit per month for staff, and free Digicell 4G for each staff member.

After ten months of negotiations beginning last June, the final proposal from the BTL Executive Committee chaired by Anwar Barrow was approved by a 95% super majority of the Union’s membership.

The Union says that the agreement “honors and recognizes the sweat investment and commitment of the company’s employees,” and promises that BTL can rely on them to work hard and “take BTL [to] the zenith of Anwar Barrowthe communication industry in Belize and the region.”

The Union also has thrown its support behind Barrow, awarding him plaudits for starting off well as steward of the company and being instrumental in advancing and concluding the negotiations. The agreement runs from October of 2013 to September of 2016, which presumably means there will be no more banging on desks at work in the near future.

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