BDF corporal and wife get 5 years for ammunition

On 22nd December 2011 C.I.B personnel and S.B. personnel conducted a house search at the premises of 34 year old Gerald August, Belizean BDF Corporal of Billy White Village. Present was his wife, Loida Eunice August. During the search, Police found  a black Pietro beretta .9 short/380 pistol with serial number tampered with. The gun was found inside a box with clothes. Further searches led to the discovery of  a number of ammunition cartridges under a sewerage bowl behind the kitchen area and vlcsnap-2015-02-25-06h46m34s63inside a black plastic bag buried about 6 inches in the ground covered with two pieces of board.

Both were formally arrested and charged for the offences of Kept firearm without a license, Kept ammunition without a gun license and kept prohibited ammunition.

On 23rd February 2015 the matter concluded before Magistrate Nardia Morgan and both defendants were found guilty and each was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

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