BDF Norman Rodriquez Declared Medically Unfit

vlcsnap-2014-04-25-19h34m38s218BDF soldier Norman Rodriguez has been in a fight for his life and now says he is also in a fight for his job and pay. Rodriguez broke protocol and reported to the media that the BDF which he has served for many years, has refused to help him in his time of crisis.

Rodriguez has a tumor on his brain and says in desperation for medical assistance which the BDF has not been willing to assist with, he has turned to the media to see if he can get some other form of assistance.

After appearing on Rise and Shine morning show, Rodriguez did not report to work and said it was because he was on sick leave. However, because he apparently did not report to his superiors, his pay was allegedly frozen.

Rodriguez did admit today that the BDF did place him in a BDF hospital for a while after his appearance on Rise and Shine, but wanted to charge him for going to the media without permission.

However, those charges were never filed. Rodriguez says he has now finally been declared medically unfit to serve. Rodriguez says this now qualifies him for a pension and while everything has still not been totally cleared up, he has a meeting on Monday at the BDF headquarters and is now just looking forward to getting his surgery which costs about $40,000.

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