BDF truck and civilian car in crash

This morning on the Philip Goldson Highway near Mile 13 at the junction with the entrance to the Los Lagos Subdivision there was a crash of two motor vehicles – one a jeep vehicle used by the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and a civilian vehicle. There were no serious injuries reported. Both the Force and the Ladyville Police have begun investigations into what transpired. Lieutenant Colonel Azariel Loria, the BDF’s Chief of Staff, briefed the press on what they know so far.


Azariel Loria – Chief of Staff, Belize Defence Forcevlcsnap-2015-04-28-09h00m02s174

“One of our vehicles got involved in a road traffic accident. We dispatched our personnel to the area and indeed one of our jeeps were overturned right in front of Los Lagos junction. The information that we got is that our vehicle departed from Price Barracks in route to Hattiville range, we have an exercise there and the vehicle was heading in that area via the Philip Goldson Highway to drop a hot meal to the troops on the exercise. The driver reported to us that upon reaching the boom junction, they found out that they forgot something, so they started to return to base to get the item. By Los Lagos junction, he was trying to overtake a blue Mitsubishi L200 pickup driven at the time by Mr. Santiago Perez. According to the driver of the BDF vehicle, he was trying to overtake the blue L200 when the driver of the blue vehicle swerved into his lane, reportedly because that portion of the road by Los Lagos is a bit rough. When he swerved in this lane, the blue vehicle apparently knocked the jeep. The jeep apparently went off the road and went on back on the road but again, the vehicle was knocked. on that second knock, the vehicle overturned   because the BDF  driver lost control of the vehicle. “

 At the end of the police’s investigation they will be forwarding their results to the Force for a final determination on actions to be taken.




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