BDF vehicle in Road Traffic Accident

Around 4 pm Tuesday evening, there was a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson highway outside of Ladyville, involving a military vehicle belonging to vlcsnap-2013-02-20-18h38m37s248the army. The soldiers were en route to Belize City when the driver, identified as Sergeant Major Michael Belgrave, tried to overtake a vehicle going in the same direction. On  reaching the curve adjacent to the former location of the Williamson Sewing Factory, reports say an oncoming vehicle prevented their passage and while slowing down, the army truck got clipped on the rear of the vehicle they had been passing which caused the driver lost control, and sending the vehicle spinning into the Belize River. Fortunately, all five soldiers escaped with their lives by managing to swim through the vehicle’s open windows after the doors locked, but they lost their belongings inside. PLUS News spoke to eyewitness to the accident Jareth Collymore, who tells us what he saw.

Jareth Collymore – Eyewitness:
vlcsnap-2013-02-20-18h38m51s124We were coming down the street, down this way here.  WE just saw the little dust and everything, like something happen. We saw a Mennonite guy looking down ina the river with a child. We say this can’t be no fishing or nothing, ’cause we just di see a lee dust and thing. When we came, the  guys just start di start come up out.  The first guy, head come up, and we say who they down there?  What di go on there? Then one were conscious. The other guys they di come up, and they all swim up, everybody OK. They miss everything. I don’t know how they do that. But they got hit by a big truck.  They were coming this way.  They were heading towards Belize City, and they were overtaking a car here.  But when they came around the lane, they saw another vehicle coming really fast. So they decided to haul back, but when they pull back the big truck hit them in the back.  That’s the reason why they didn’t hit this tree. Because they were coming that way. But when the truck hit them they swing round like this, and that’s how they drop in that side.

The vehicle was submerged in the river and at last report BDF personnel has been dispatched to the area to retrieve it. Police took a statement from the driver of the container truck and have launched an investigation.

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