Beauty Queen of San Jose Succotz felt she was jilted out of her crown






It is said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”… And we use that term tonight to describe, not a love triangle, but a September celebrations beauty queen of san Jose Succotz, that felt that she was jilted out of her crown.  Eighteen year old Yantzi Bautista, a third form student at Mopan technical high in Benque Viejo says she won the Miss independence 2013 – 2014 fair and square for Succotz Village. But on the morning of her Coronation, because she did not want to wear a Red dress, she was promptly replaced with the first runner up and the title was given to another girl. PlusNews travelled to benque viejo just to hear from Yantzi Baustista’s mouth why she decided to what she did.

Yancey Bautista:

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-13h02m33s76The reason why this happened is because they involved politic in what they shouldn’t.   So, my dress was not supposed to be red.   It’s supposed to be white.   So, they involved politic in it and I didn’t like because they promised me to pay off shoes, two dresses and my crown and my band, and the dress was already used…they bought it from the market. Yes, and I just didn’t like what they were planning or what they [were]…they did and I called Mr. Erwin Contreras, what was going to happen if they  didn’t do what they supposed to do.   So, I talked to him before everything.   But they didn’t pay mind and I win for Miss Independence 2013-2014.

So… politics in Independence celebrations; something Belizeans have come to accept. But not Yantzi Bautista, as she says that she called Minister Erwin Contreras on independence morning and told him that if the problem was not rectified, she would be doing something about it.

Yancey Bautista:

I was standing there close, watching at the girl who was going to be crowned, and when they crowned her, my intention was:  to pull down that crown out of  her head because that was my crown and my band!  And after that I pulled it out after that and I don’t know how I break it but I break it with my hand…because I had a lot of anger I couldn’t control!

No, I don’t’ regret and I don’t know what is going to happen, but I want the people to know that they shouldn’t involve politic in those things…and the tradition is that the dress is supposed to be white, not red!

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