Beauty Queens’ Pictures Removed from Sex Vacation Website

Organizers of the Miss Belize Pageant have officially written to Global Fantasies, the website which advertises Belize as a sex paradise, offering young Belizean females for sale.

The website displays pictures of numerous women, supposedly all Belizeans, who could be purchased for the entertainment pleasure of foreigners.  Some of the women in those pictures have been identified as past Miss Belize Queens who had no idea their pictures were being used on that site.

An email thread between a Miss Belize pageant organizer and a representative of Global Fantasies, signed as one M. Orfanides of GF Vacations, was sent to Plusnews.

In response to the demand for the removal of the Belizean Queens’ photos, Global fantasies says,

vlcsnap-2014-02-21-20h07m45s154“In respect we have removed your mentioned photos that were provided and posted by Belize photographers and not by our company. ….We promote Belize tourism and offer local companions, which is not illegal.  The ladies are nothing more than guides and chaperones and we do not condone or promote sexual activities of any kind.”

That is an interesting statement, since the Global Fantasies website advertises itself as being “…the world’s leading premier erotic adult sex vacation company” . In the email conversation, Global fantasies said that the Miss Belize photos were posted by local Belize photographers and Global Fantasies was not aware of any misdeeds or misrepresentation.

The company then apologized for the posting of the Miss Belize pictures.  However, in the  back and forth the person also wrote,

“Our packages consisted of a resort room, some tours and meals, as well as some local excursions. Only a name and contact number of a local Belize taxi driver was ever provided to any guest.

 The driver would then take the guests to local bars to meet ladies.  The guests would make all arrangements and pay the women for their companionship.  No sex was ever promised…And your comment that sex was not offered by local girls is absurd as your flea infested country, while stunning, is poverty stricken with little jobs or future for its impoverished people.”

It continues “If you cease all investigations, spreading negative comments, as well as remove all mentions and/or blogs of our company immediately and swear you or your associates, friends or contacts will never make future postings, articles and such, we will cease offering any escorted vacations in Belize. I am only an agent, but have gotten approval to make this pledge.”

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