BEL Management Responds to Call for Strike: “We are Ready”

In response to BEWU’s threat of industrial action, the management of BEL sent out a press release saying that in light of the announced strike on the part of the BEWU, the BEL management has activated its contingency plan to mitigate any possible impact of a strike. The management makes note that over the last year, and we quote,

“the company has responded to two previous incidents of illegal strike action that were staged by the union. In both instances, service to customers was not interrupted.”

That was back in May earlier this year, when negotiations on a salary increase between management and the union reached a deadlock. This call to industrial strike however, if Marvin Mora’s figures are correct, seems to be on a much larger scale. President Mora says that some 80% of the union’s download (3)membership have committed to the strike. This is 80% from a Union with well over 150 members. BEL however maintains they will, quote, “endeavor to maintain quality service despite the threats issued by the BEWU.”

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