BEL tells political parties to desist from using poles for banners

It’s political season with the Municipal elections scheduled for March 7. Campaigning is on and one of the common campaign strategies employed by political parties is the placement of banners and flyers in places where people can easily see them. That usually means on or near lamp posts. Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) says this is a dangerous practice and it has written the political parties , pleading for them to “ …desist from endangering lives by installing attachments such as banners, flags, signage and flyers near to power lines.”  BEL says these unsafe practices can result in electrocution of the persons who are attaching items on poles. It also says that poorly installed attachments on utility poles can cause accidents and injury to BEL personnel during maintenance works. These attachments have also caused power outages resulting in major inconveniences to hundreds of customers. BEL says it will restrict these practices and immediately remove all attachments it considers hazardous from its utility poles. Last year, two lives were lost due to electrocution as a result of people being too close to power lines.

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