Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) was established after Belize signed on to the Patent Corporation Treaty in June of 2000. Belizeans have since been able to register their inventions locally, regionally, and internationally in order to gain exclusive rights to Intellectual Property. Today, BELIPO hosted a one-day training in Belize City in order to highlight the process of registering patents through the International System. According to the Deputy Registrar at [BELIPO] Olabimpe Akinkuoie, (BELIPO) has seen over 300 hundred applications since its opening, however most of them are from international entities and not Belizeans intellects.

Olabimpe Akinkuoie, Deputy Registrar, BELIPO: The outcome that we want to reach with this seminar is to bring the awareness out of such registration that exists. We sign on to this patent cooperation treaty in June 17th 2000, and as of date we have over 300 patent applications submitted in our office, and predominantly most of them are from International entities. One of the outcomes is to encourage local inventors to make use of such a system because of the value that one can get, or rather the exclusive right that an inventor can make use of for 20 years in using their invention and the advantages in life in having such inventions being available to various countries. So there is much revenue that can be generated from registering your patent. That is one of the things that we wanted to highlight in this seminar.

Akinkuoie told our media colleagues in Belize City that the low number of applications submitted by Belizeans can be attributed to the fact that most Belizeans are not aware of the processes or its benefits.

Olabimpe Akinkuoie, Deputy Registrar, BELIPO: People don’t even know that there is an Intellectual Property Office, more so people don’t even know what Intellectual property is. So we as the International Office of registering intellectual property, we are using this forum to what exactly IP is all about and the very many branches; the very many branches that exist within IP. Just for examples, we have trademarks that deal with slogans and brands. We have patents that deal with inventions. We have industrial designs that deals with shapes or ornaments, shapes of even doors, jewelry made in various shapes. We have new plan varieties that deals with small breeder’s farmers when it comes to ivory within your seeds, and we have the use of copyright when it comes to our artists and the music industry, books, poetry, sculpting and art. Belize Intellectual Property office is a public office that assists applicants, whatever artistic expression of art of invention or slogan that you have, and we assist in seeing that the process of registration is being done if that is something that you want to register.  

BELIPO encourages Belizeans to make use of its services.

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