Belize Action hosts awareness rallies ahead of Supreme Court Constitutional Challenge

The Supreme Court will be hearing a constitutional challenge from Caleb Orozco, the Executive Director of UNIBAM who is advocating for homosexuality through the requested removal of the criminal code that makes it a crime to have same sex relations; being  section 53 of Belize’s criminal code.  The Chief Justice will be hearing the case from May 7th to the 10th and everyday leading up to the court date; Belize Action has been and will continue to host a series of awareness rallies across the country. Plus news spoke with Director of Belize Action, Pastor Scott Stirm who told us that they will be in Spanish Lookout Tonight.

Pastor Scott Stirm – Belize Action:
vlcsnap-2013-04-29-19h38m22s178Tonight, we’re going to be meeting at Spanish Lookout.  That will be 7 pm at Countryside Park. That will be an awareness forum, as well as a time of prayer and agreement against the against the changing of Section 53 in our constitution.  It will be a time of informing and bringing people to a level of awareness concerning what are the ramifications.  What will be the significance of the changing of this law, and why is UNIBAM trying to change this law in our country?

Stirm also made the point that through consultation and similar meetings; the vast majority is of the position that the removal of section 53 is not the best thing for Belize.

Pastor Scott Stirm – Belize Action:
People are charged all over this nation that they don’t want to see this happen.  We’re still convinced, and the numbers still prove it, that the overwhelming majority of the people in Belize don’t want to see this law changed.  It will be a time of informing them and helping them to understand why specifically we don’t want to see the law change, which number one on our list for that is that UNIBAM says that this violates their human dignity.  We declare with everything in us that Section 53 is a good law that protects human dignity.  We’ve been doing the research, digging into the records, and we’ve come to find that the overwhelming majority of the cases where Section 53 has been used is for male on male abuse situations, and that overwhelming majority is from adults unto minors and children.

Tonight’s rally begins at 7pm and will be held at the Countryside Park in Spanish Lookout. Another rally will be held in San Ignacio on Tuesday night at Falcon Field.

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