Belize and Guatemala host Garifuna Cultural Event

Belize and Guatemala collaborated in a Garifuna cultural event over the past two days.  The event entitled “The Belizean and Guatemalan Garifuna Culture as an Expression of Social Cohesion, Intercultural Dialogue and Promotion of Peace” was held on the 8th and 9th of April 2018 in Guatemala City. The event consisted of presentations of both cultural and academic nature aimed towards the promotion of intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace. Presenters from Belize included the President of the Belize National Garifuna Council, Ms. Sandra Miranda, Roy Cayetano and Sebastian Cayetano.  The event celebrated the uniqueness and oneness of the Garinagu across countries, as well as their unique and distinctive language, music and dance. According to event organizers, the event was a part of an initiative to make the necessary efforts to resolve the historical territorial differences between both nations, while seeking a lasting and peaceful solution to the dispute.

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