Belize Bank holds scholarship ceremony

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The fourth annual ceremony for the Belize Bank Limited Scholarship Program took place in Belize City, this morning. Twelve students from four districts were handed scholarships to continue their education; eight at secondary and four at tertiary level. The Belize Bank Limited’s scholarship program pays for tuition and books for all four years of high school or two years of junior college,  subject to academic and other conditions. The Bank’s executive chairman is  Lyndon Guiseppi.


Lyndon Guiseppi, Executive Chairman of Belize Bank Ltd. – “I’m hopeful that the other programs provide some sort of mentorship vlcsnap-2015-07-15-11h52m36s16but we have actually a very structured mentorship program. The branch manager in each district is responsible for that child which would’ve gotten a scholarship and he will then again, identify a staff in the branch or himself or herself to be that child’s mentor. The child gets his telephone contact details, we are required to follow up with the children and write reports whereby we follow up with the school to see how the child is going and in the event that the child falls short, we intervene at that point.”


We also spoke to two recipients; Gavin Dawson, highschool recipient and Jamar Young, Junior College recipient.

Gavin Dawson, Scholarship Recipient (High School) – “I just pray to God and ask ah fu ting. I attend Edward P. York to become an vlcsnap-2015-07-15-11h53m00s249accountant later on in the future and try to do my best in school.”


Jamar Young, Scholarship Reecipient (Junior College) – “Well, I’m going to St. John’s College and the Belize Bank Scholarship is going to help me a lot. Basically, with the school tuition, since my mom is a single mother who is working at Princess, she doesn’t really make enough to pay my school fees, so basically, this is going to be a big help for me in the future since I want to be a novelist and she inspires me everyday to be a novelist. I intend to take this opportunity to do my best of my ability hopefully, at St. Johns College.”

Reporter – “So you’re the one who wants to line the New York book stores with the best sellers.”vlcsnap-2015-07-15-11h40m33s186

Jamar Young – “Yes, I don’t believe because Belizean artist’s books end up in high schools or text books and I want to be more than just a high school text book because I want it to line every single shop at a New York best selling shop.”


The Bank will induct another five recipients later this week.

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