Belize Beurau of Standards responds to Jack Charle’s claims

Late this evening, The Belize Bureau of Standards in consultation with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority and the Ministry of Health issued a response to Jack Charles claims. It starts out by saying that  Mr. Charles is not recognized as a competent authority to conduct testing of any basic food item in Belize.  The release says, “Notwithstanding this claim, the Bureau in collaboration with the competent authorities aforementioned concluded that the test results provided on February 1st, 2016, by Mr. Jack Charles shows that none of the rice samples analysed contain detectable levels of aflatoxins and as a result does not pose any threat to human health. “  The release continues saying, “The Bureau and the Government is committed to ensuring food safety and health in Belize and categorically rejects any suggestion that they are not so committed.  It is regrettable that the commercial interests of one individual, veiled under the guise of food safety concerns, is being used in an attempt to erode the confidence in food safety which the people of Belize now enjoy.”//[end]

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