Belize Bodybuilder competes in England

He lays claim to the title of “Belize’s best looking man”, but bodybuilding veteran and reigning Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos found himself in a different class when he participated recently in the Hercules Olympia bodybuilding competition in Colchester, Essex, England. In the Men’s Tall Class category, he placed second to overall winner Kai Lyons. He speaks about the experience.

Rigo Vellos – Professional Bodybuilder:
vlcsnap-2013-05-17-19h31m27s53It was a totally different competition.  The level is surely a higher level, not to take away nothing from the Belize competition.  To ensure a higher level the guys were more prepared.  We had competitors from Spain, from France, from Italy, from Ukraine, from Poland, from Ireland, and of course from England.  I think we had somebody from Cuba.  So it’s a more world-wide thing.  It’s a more international level competition.  The guys, of course, have more experience in that field of body-building .

Vellos says he took advantage of his gym rat beginnings and discipline for sports to record a historic finish for Belize. Showing off his trophy, Vellos, 33, spoke of his future plans.

Rigo Vellos – Professional Bodybuilder:
vlcsnap-2013-05-17-19h32m35s173Well, it’s hard to say but I wish that I would get invited.  And I wish that the community will help me to continue into this international level of competing, so that I can get as much experience.  Also I wish that other body-builders would join me and compete outside.  I’m sure I need to start get ready for our next Mr Belize, which is in September.  There’s a possibility that we might have a competition for the Costa Mayan/San Pedro in August also.

Vellos thanked his sponsors and the local bodybuilding and fitness association for their support.

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